Modern Art Board Game Review & Runthrough – SOLD!

Modern Art is an auction based board game where players take on the role of art entrepreneurs and museum curators as they buy and sell artworks from 5 different popular and upcoming modern artists.

Players will adopt the role of auctioneer and conduct a series of 5 different types of auctions including the hidden auction, open auction, fixed price auction, once round offer auction and the double auction. Selling modern art is a lucrative business and purchasing the right art at the right time from an artist in the prime of their career is so crucial to making money and building your museum’s worth and value.

Modern Art is a highly interactive game and features as one of Reiner Knizia’s auction board game trilogy which also includes the Egyption themed auction game Ra and also Medici.

So follow in the footsteps of Jackson Pollock and other modern artists as you fight to generate the most income after 4 rounds.

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