How To Win Monopoly

11 Tips For Winning & Not Sucking At Monopoly The Board Game

Since its early inception in the early 1930’s, Monopoly is a board game that has brought millions of families and friends, young and old together admist a rainy day or during a family day out. Memories of collecting cash, building houses and sending your friends bankrupt over the course of 2+ hours on house rules that simply didn’t actually exist, but rather were passed down is what people remember.

This video above aims to give players some strategies to help them win or at least gain an advantage in their next game of Monopoly.

Knowing these 11 tips should put you in a better stance for understanding the mechanics of Monopoly and how it works as well as how to take control back over the game and use it to your advantage and hopefully win. Is there a clear defined strategy to win Monopoly or is it simply a game of pure chance?

Is there a mathematical way to understand the game? Why is there Free Parking or a Go to Jail Space and importantly why do we always have to move clockwise around the board? Whether you love or hate Monopoly or simply a fan of the competition and economics involved, it is a game that last lasted the test of time and its one that still causes great debate, frustration and discussion to date.

11 Tips

  1. Buy the property between the Jail and Go to Jail space on the Monopoly board because it is a high traffic area. There are numerous ways players can be sent to jail.
  2. Monopoly is played with 2 dice. Know the probability of the dice roll and understand that the number 7 will most likely be rolled the most followed by 6 and 8. Purchase the Orange and Red Properties as they are most commonly landed on spaces after people try to leave Jail. Trafalgar Square is exactly 14 spaces away from the jail space.
  3. Know the composition of the CHANCE and COMMUNITY CHEST cards as they often direct you to certain places around the board. Purchasing properties in those areas can increase your chances of winning.
  4. Railroad Properties are really good income generating machines as they occupy 10% of the game board!
  5. Passing on paying the full price for a property means that it goes up for auction. You can try and nab it for potentially a much lower price.
  6. Secure property that your opponent is trying to complete to block them from being able to build any houses or hotels on a coloured property set.
  7. Build houses on the property that is most frequently landed on and is the most expensive.
  8. Quickly build up your property to 4 houses and do not upgrade them to a hotel. This keeps the house stock available to other players low and thus prevents them from building houses on their own property.
  9. Avoid mortgaging properties if you can. Trade houses in for 50% of their price for cash instead. Mortgaging your properties locks them up and it means that you won’t be receiving any income from them.
  10. Try to stay in Jail as long as you can in the late game. This prevents you from landing on your opponent’s property.
  11. When landing on income tax, take the time to calculate 10% of your total earnings rather than paying the $200 upfront. You may save some money in the long run!

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