How to Build A Strong Magic The Gathering Deck at PRERELEASE & SEALED For Beginners / Newbies MTG

This video aims to give brand new players some quick tips about how to build a strong winning Magic: The Gathering deck at prerelease in the sealed deck play format. This video is mainly aimed at beginners and focuses on some of the basic concepts (but not all as Magic is incredibly deep) that are required for building a deck for those who are preparing to play their first ever prerelease event at their local FLG game store.

A prerelease is a casual tournament style event that your local game store conducts which allows players to register and open, play and build with the newest cards from the latest Magic The Gathering Set one week before their official release! It is an opportunity to test out the new mechanics, get cool deck ideas, secure a cool date stamped foil promo card and meet and make some new friends.

The event is conducted as a Sealed Deck Format where players need to build a deck with a minimum of 40 cards from 6 booster packs included in what is known as a prerelease pack.

The cards in your deck (except basic lands which are provided by the game store) must come from these booster packs.

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