Will You Board Game With Me?

Board Gaming is such an inclusive, interesting and engaging medium which has distinctively stood out on its own and survived especially in a world driven by communication technology, console and computer gaming. Over the last ten years the number of board game ideas being produced and coming to fruition has increased exponentially. More and more people are being drawn towards the nostalgic and social value of board games.

Top Benefits of Board Gaming

  1. There are a plethora of alternative modern board games to the classic ones most of us played as kids.
  2. Board games foster great social interaction and help strengthen our relationship with our family, friends and peers. Board game designers have used this social dynamic as a mechanism in many modern board games.
  3. Board game design has improved significantly. With more play testing and better game mechanics, modern board games are much more intuitive.
  4. Board games are more immersive. They are now being sold as unique experiences much like when you buy a ticket to see a concert, sports game or theatre show.
  5. Board games have immense educational value.
  6. Art in board games are now both collectable, functional and now inclusive towards particular gamers of different gender, cultures and backgrounds.
  7. Quality Time with the ones you love. Enough Said.


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